Martial Arts boasts of using Weapons for self-defense. Our Weapons program is geared towards the understanding of several Weapons systems coming from various countries, including China, Japan, Korea,and the Philippines, to mention a few. You will discover in your training that one Weapon may be the one you most enjoy, or you may enjoy all of them. In our Weapons program, you will learn a form, self-defense, as well as striking and blocking correctly with each Weapon. In addition, we also spar and play war games using padded weapons in a safe environment.
The Weapons taught include Stick, Katana, Staff, Double Stick, Kama, Nunchaku, Sai, Double Nunchaku, Single Broadsword, and Double Broadsword. This is a ranking system starting at white belt through Black belt, with each belt level learning a different Weapon.


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